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How We Work

How We Work


We are a small, specialist consultancy focused on data analytics engineering within Google BigQuery.

We created and work exlusively within our own framework, which is an open source and evolving set of guidelines, functions and tools which enables rapid development, testing, deployment, monitoring and extension of integrated data models entirely within BigQuery.

We ensure that your data is perfectly understood, integrated and structured, as we understand that your data is both your foundation and your potential source of superpowers.

Our experience in data engineering, analytics, data visualisation and machine learning means that we deeply understand the adjacent stages in the data supply chain, and we are meticulous in optimising the end-to-end flow between data source and well-structured, accessible, timely and relevant data delivery.

Data Engineering

We do not do custom inbound data engineering, but:

  • We will always help you find the simplest way to land your data across multiple clouds
  • We do help configure native data transfers
  • We do work with data ingestion partners to get you set up on reliable and scalable platforms
  • We do know Python

Data Analytics

We do not build dashboards, as we believe that this is a fundamental skill for anybody trying to explore and answer questions with their data. However:

  • We are experts in Google Data Studio and the connection to BigQuery
  • We have deep experience in the (bi-directional) connections between Google Sheets and BigQuery
  • We have years of experience in many other modern BI tools, should you require guidance or selection advice (e.g. Tableau, Mode, Sigma, Superset/Preset etc.)

Data Science

We do not build custom AI/ML models, but:

  • We do use BigQuery ML to develop and deploy specific models onto transformation flows
  • We do use Google APIs such as Natural Language AI to augment data within transformation flows
  • We can leverage other external APIs to augment data in your transformation flows
  • We are developing Cloud Functions to extend BigQuery to leverage other (AI and non-AI) APIs with BigQuery Remote Functions


We do undertake client consulting engagements, but only in specific circumstances.

Because of the complexity and client-specificity of this type of work, the preference is to work with a small and select group of clients, on more of a fractional employee basis rather than project-by-project contracts.

This enables deep collaboration, client skills development and responsiveness which is not possible when spread more thinly across many clients and projects.

Our most successful and productive relationships have been with founders and leaders who have both decision-making authority across their organisation, and the aptitude and motivation to learn and leverage complex data concepts. To be successful you need to be able to learn how to understand (and hopefully write) SQL.

A mix of long-term objectives and specific projects enables the maximisation of impactful output without the cognitive overhead or time-demands that additional employees might require.

We find the best trade-off between productivity and management & communication overhead is approximately 1.5 days per week (52hrs per calendar month), for which the current rate is 5000€ + VAT.

Included in this is ongoing access to all of the framework resources, proprietary functions and code which enable us to be an order of magnitude more effective and significantly faster than if we were simply experts leveraging native GCP capabilities.